Once Upon A Time


Once upon a time . . .
I lived my life, as though any day could of been my last.
At the tender age of 15, that was how I was living.
THUG LIFE wasn’t just a cool slogan for me
It was a religion.

Amen . . . .
A man . . . manifested a plan
To cultivate the minds and land of his people
We shall overcome . . . some day
But for now, we can forget about being treated socially equal
Maybe in 30 yrs or so . . . in a 100 yrs or mo’
What you reap you sow . . . When I think I GROW
When I think I GLOW . . . When one think, it SHOWS
Think about it . . .
Scratch your head and blink about it
Dropped some jewelry, the impact knocked a link up out it

Once upon a time . . .
I was of a different mind
On the block all the time – committing different crimes
I grew up poor . . . refrigerator on E, my bed was the floor
Ventured down a different path
Opened a different door
Emotions became a wrath
The block became my whore
Money became my b****
My b**** became my god
And GOD became a myth . . .

My salvation, was inside a spliff
The burning bush was burning
My world was turning, upside down
A child hood was lost – a light was found
Society is out of bounds, to the undesirables
Kids wanting to be what they see on cable
Damn near every household possess a Cain and Abel
Damn near every parent in my hood was unstable
A half full 40oz in the fridge, a bag of red hot chips on the table
Crack pipes stashed in the medicine cabinets
It’s easy for the youth to gravitate, to the GHETTO FABULOUS
Gangsters, killers and hustlers
Foreign whips, and customers
Fly girls lust for us
Feeling like you on top of the world
But all along, you’re on top of nothing
At least, you’re on top of something
Even if it’s on top of nothing

Once upon a time . . . I was of a different mind
My 3rd eye was blind to the symbols and signs
Now I can see CLEARLY

Need Some Help


These walls are closing in slowly but surely

Everyday it’s getting harder 4 me to breath

It’s like I’m not the man I once used to be,

but I know they won’t believe me

My heart screams 4 love, but it’s ignored every time

What will it take 4 me to truly unwind?

I guess I’m scared to let the world know the real me

Could it be that I’m my own worst enemy?

If these walls would talk they would tell a deep story

About a boy that grew up lonely and hungry

With a tear stained pillow and a heart full of hate

With an empty stomach and a heart full of broken faith

No guidance nor supervision

Never told to be quiet, shut up and listen.

A man before my time

Lived hard before I even got a chance to live

I remember telling myself that something’s gotta give

There’s no greater pain than a neglected child’s

No love in my house hold and u expect me to smile

Come on, let’s be real, I am to you what I am to everybody else

A troublesome youth that needs some help