Phantasmagorical Echoes

Dear people of this planet,
Kings, Queens, Citizens,
of this lonely, stone-skipping on universe waters,
of this cozy blue pebble that we choose to call earth.

I want to tell you that Today we exist;
That Today, we walk on a path
forged by the blood of preceding ancestors

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To Those

By AC To those who find peace in times of war; Who find love within their hearts even in times when it may feel like there is nothing more than hatred in this world; Who find wisdom among blinding confusion; Who find the True Value of this life before finding the value of a coin;…

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I Am

By BB I am because I am alive I am because I have suffered and still survive I am because I see the light I am because I am one with mankind’s plight I am because I feel I am because I hurt and I heal I am because I exist I am because I stand…

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Human Nature

By SAT Every day I struggle and ask are we fighting for a cause or just because. Ain’t no sense in raising your fist if you don’t even know what you’re fighting for. But I’m scared to put my hands down to keep from getting hit in the face. I won’t just brace up against…

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1,000 Reasons

By DC To care, it’s 1,000 reasons. 1,000 ways to feel within the 4 seasons. To go on. To continue. To strive. Innumerable are the reasons to be alive. With the passing of the time, is a reason. With the countless dying, is a reason. 1,000 trees is a reason to breathe. 1,000 trees is…

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