Positive Retaliation

When you’re young and feel unsupported or unloved
you’ve never been taught about the one that’s above
When you bottle up your pain and misery and your emotions
Constantly beat you up mentally
There’s no one you can talk to, nobody to help or even guide you
When you walk down the streets that feel like hell
and all the stereotypes place you dead or in jail
You wonder how should I get back at these people?
Should I lie, cheat, and steal and show the world that you’re evil?
It’s time that I took a different approach
To be able to really brag and boast
To show that stereotypes can be proven wrong
cause I’ve been an object of perception for way too long
A lot of times I’ve been told that I ain’t going to be nothing
But positive retaliation is for me to be something

Back Then

Back then there was this thing called slavery
where black people stood tall
and had bravery
like Rosa Parks, Malcolm X
and Martin Luther King
stood tall and said
“Let Freedom Ring!”

One Day

One Day…
I will be greeted with smiles
One Day…
Smiles longer than the Nile
One Day…
I feel my steps getting closer, and closer
One Day…
Because trust me, I’m tired of this emotional roller coaster
One Day…
I can taste every second of it
One Day…
Where I can finally be out in the public
One Day…
Flying like the birds, and the bees
One Day…
Floating like the leaves, falling from a tree
One Day…
But I’ma keep running, wiping my sweat along the way
One Day…
Keep pushing never even stopping to take a break
One Day…
I let my rejections, keep me motivated
One Day…
Because without it, nothing will keep me sophisticated
One Day…
And remember, your effects come from your causes
One Day…
So you can decide to be on top, and choose to have no bosses
One Day…
I’m striving to get to that spot, to be whatever I wanna be
One Day…
Just like the Navy, Military and the Army
One Day…
So I let this be a minor set-back, for a major come back
One Day…
So I can shock the world with my massive attack
One Day…
So Imma continue my journey, ending March, April, Maybe May.
But just know that I’ll eventually get there,
One Day.

“I’m referring in this poem getting free one day. And going through what I’ve been through and learning what I’ve learned, to get to where I’m going in life. Being free and successful, by being focused, having a push (motivation), and goals. Doing things the right way.”


Tic-toc goes the heartbeat of my life
I’m sittin’ still watchin’ my life pass me by
I close my eyes I don’t want to cry
But trapped like an animal
doesn’t make you feel like a man
Tic-toc my life is passin’ me by
I reach out to catch it
But it flows right through my hand
Today feels like yesterday
Ever gonna end
When will my new day begin


I wanna change
I won’t blame anyone else for my mistake
I wanna change so I can live my life straight
Like I done, dice, I wanna change my life
I need a chance to change
So everything can change
Change is happening to me
I’ma change my life
You will see