Immured *


Isolated behind the walls of a unorthodox jungle

Living with a vengeance because so many people turn their back on you

Never giving up because that’s what it’s designed to make you do

A convict’s mentality is the only way to make it through

Tryna stay peaceful, but these suckaz make that

hard to do

So, I just keep a Free Mind because that’s what Tara and Kelli motivate me to do

*Immured: (verb) to enclose within walls; confine.

My Nine Months is Up


I have waited which has seem to

be forever for the day that I must be born which is

today, this small body of mine seems not to be wanting to leave

this isolated womb but my mind is telling me that there is a different

and better world outside of this womb of a mother whom I haven’t yet


I bet she is going to be the best mother of all because it is her who

has been feeding me whatever I desire for these past 9 months,

I can’t wait to be taught everything that she knows, I wanna

know about the earth, mother nature, my nationality &

those who have sacrificed their life just so

that the next generation like myself can have freedom and when I’m

born I do wish to see the open arms of my father whose duty is to

spend as much time with me as possible instead of spending

it on something that isn’t gonna benefit me to become-

a real man, I wish that he teaches

me to overcome myself because it will kill me if I become a statistic,

I don’t wanna end up selling drugs just because I wasn’t

taught any other way to be independent, I don’t wanna gang

bang- against my own culture just because I was

taught that was the only way to solve a


I don’t wanna end up being some

Body- with a thousand excuses of why I

haven’t got an education and a job and I would hate the most

to end up like someone who is too indolent to think for himself and

expect for things to get done by wishes and


I want to be strong not just physically but also mentally and spiritually-

I want to be a leader and not a follower, I want to have

a patterning in my life instead of just waking up

in the morning and not knowing what to do

with myself,

I want to be a man who fights

for what he believes in, A man who knows his creator (God)

and last of all I want to be a father and a husband who knows how to

cherish his children and wife because a man with many children and a

good wife is a man with many blessings


a good life.


My Journey

By V.M.

Day and night is to be

Successful and to succeed

I came up and came down

When it was all said and done

I was rumbling pound to pound

In my darkest nightmare

Something I ask for

An really got what I wanted

But it was not being successful

It was being the person inside

Of me what I was not trying

Fight on them streets because

I was scared of what the

World would say that was around me

It was tearing me apart

From my family and tryna be successful.

Now it’s a fed travel plan that goes from prison to prison

South Carolina, Kentucky, Colorado, California

An where does it stop

It never stops, we all have plenty of opportunity

To get back up and be successful and succeed.

Inner Self

By J.M.


Now I’m just sitting here wondering how so many people in today’s society live life day by day without a real understanding of their self, such as knowing who they are or what they’re worth! Now the reason I say this is because me, as a young Muslim man, I was once in society and I never knew who I really was really because I was always living up to others’ expectations, playing the role of my alter ego. But I’ve come to the conclusion that egos come from two things: (A) Fear and (B) Hope. The reason is because a person, no matter who it is, always fear something/someone or rejection (disapproval) and for hope you all know what hope means. It’s self-explanatory. So you know it’s best to know yourself before anything because without having a good understanding of yourself, it’ll be hard to understand somebody else! So look within yourself and find the qualities you hold.

Note: Every quality has two sides: good-n-bad! And learn what you‘re worth so you’ll know what the next person is worth and be able to communicate on the same level!

Don’t Listen To Them

By D.A.


In this world where negativity happens to play a role in your life

Keep your focus on the things that’s good

When someone approaches you with words that are not nice

If you have an ambition to go after a goal that you think you can achieve

Set your goal and you must believe

Keep your mind positive because you are what you think

And know that you can leave a legacy

That can stain like a pen when it releases ink

They say a positive mind is contagious

So why not spread the disease

And know you can become whatever you want to be in life

All you have to do is believe.