Don’t Listen To Them

By D.A.


In this world where negativity happens to play a role in your life

Keep your focus on the things that’s good

When someone approaches you with words that are not nice

If you have an ambition to go after a goal that you think you can achieve

Set your goal and you must believe

Keep your mind positive because you are what you think

And know that you can leave a legacy

That can stain like a pen when it releases ink

They say a positive mind is contagious

So why not spread the disease

And know you can become whatever you want to be in life

All you have to do is believe.

Untitled (Sometimes)

Sometimes I just want to cry
Put my pride to the side
And just hide
Tired of living a lie
But this once lie has got me by
Tho I walk thru the valley of
The shadow of death
I close my eyes and hold my breath
I chase demons and play tag
With the devil
The grave that’s dug
I dug with my own shovel
I wish I would have listened
A real long time ago
That way I would know
The path I’m hidin’ down
Is not the right path to go
So what do I do now?
Hands together, knees on the ground
Today I would make a change
Because today is a new day
And now I know
Where there is a will
There is a way

Season’s Sorrow

Many faces and personalities once here spread
Now departed, missed along my life’s way
Dear Summer, I thank Allah for you
For with you comes shortened nights and longer days.
Though memories fade I still dream of you
And it’s as though you’re actually there
But you’re not so I’m forever indulged in the pursuit of happiness
With hopes that one day I’ll thaw and love again
Because currently I’m numb, cold and bitter

Still I long for you Winter
But with your passion comes punishment
I lust for your Beauty
The sight of you causes my face to flush my heartbeat to slow
So I wait with feet beneath imaginary snow
For your eluding self to show
I’ve envisioned your return time and time again
Maybe in the heart of spring when many flowers and splendid plants reemerge
So would we

I’ve always despised Autumn due to everything that dies with it
My uncertainty gives strength
Entertaining the thought that my beloved may come
Before my heart becomes dull and my mind recognizes it own treason
And tears fall from thy’s face like leaves in this sorrowful season
The time of year may dictate thy behavior though truth may hurt and lies may heal
Thy must realize that truth is one’s SAVIOUR

Untitled (When I Write)

I write when I’m bored
I fight with no sword
My poems are amazing
Without me blazing
My face clear
My thoughts are great
I believe in myself
I have faith
So I’ma stay I’ma be home 1 day
All I have to do is pray
I read books to escape where I’m at
I need help on how to chat

I Am There

When you need me
I am there
Even if you deny me
I am there
Even when you feel most alone
I am there
Even in your pain
I am there
When you pray 2 God
And ask him 2 bring me back home 2 you
I am in you
And you are in me
I am there
Because I have 2 be
And because I wanna be there with you
Only in your mind
Can you feel separate from me