By AP  Haters say I’m not goin make it But I say stop hatin’ They don’t believe But I believe I would achieve To get what I need They think I will die But I will live and succeed And hold my pride

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This Superstitious Relationship

By D.W. I can’t understand why, but I love you You show me signs on every corner But still I adore My relationship at this point, has fallen out the door It’s this unconditional satisfaction you bring me with joy I wanna understand more Should I call you sweetheart or my sweet mistress? I love…

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Drag My Name Through the Mud

By D.H. I live in a life where I always make bad decisions Breaking myself up into different sets or divisions I try & put together a puzzle with pieces missing Losing more & more pieces Because of inaccurate precision I think this might be what’s embedded in my destiny & I know I can’t…

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