I Wonder


Sometimes I wonder why I was put on Earth if everybody has to die
Or why should I love someone that can be gone in a heartbeat
They say it a crazy world
But to me it’s f*cked up to have a life but can’t cherish it
I wonder if Adam and Eve never disobeyed God, would we have eternal life
As well, if there wasn’t no disease, then can life be a fairytale
But sorry to say that that’s a book we won’t never get to read
But honestly, would you want to live in a fairyland?
‘Cause you have to have a bit of pain or sadness
To bring the true meaning of life
Because life is an element of free will
Before you can reach paradise



If you there God, and you can hear God
Send me to hell, yeah, I’m prepared God
Give me a slow death, I want the “chair” God

You ain’t a fair God, you don’t care God
If you can hear God, then why ain’t you here God
You a rare God, ‘cause you never there God
When I’m sad God, you become a glad God
You never satisfied even when I give you everything I have God

Where’s my dad God? Are you my dad God?
‘Cause if you are, I don’t wanna follow in your path God
And if I’m your work of art, then you did a bad job

Your Son failed God, how could you let him take them nails God?
He was impaled God, I know you heard him yell God
I guess it’s all good, but where’s the “Holy Grail” God?

Answer the question God, am I your self-reflection God?
Do you rock dreads, an earring, and a bright shiny necklace God?
Is that even me God? Then tell me who you see God
‘Cause before I get back on my knees God, I’d rather rest in peace God

My good deeds God? What good deeds God?
How could I be humble to a million enemies God?
What is “life” God? WHAT IS “LIFE” GOD?!
Never mind, just tell me why it comes with a price God

You see my mom God? That’s your wife God
Watch her for me please, be her lifeguard
I just hope that she believes in the right God

What’s wrong God? Are you alright God?

The questions I never heard you ask your child on these cold nights God