Road to Where?


To tell the truth
I’m scared to run
To run away from the streets
Cuz in a world of suits and ties
I feel there’s no room for me



I am running from my past
Because that life is too fast
I am running like a mad man
When I look over my shoulder, I see darkness
I feel like I’m running but still in the same spot
If I run fast enough
I might get to my destination

I am running from my fears
Because I’m scared to face them
I am running like a chicken with no head
When I look over my shoulder
I see my fears are gettin’ closer
If I run fast enough
I might make it to my goal
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My soul is resting
As I wait, my heart is beating like I ran a hundred miles
I’m starting to believe I’m chasing a ghost
I was taught to never give up
Now I’m sitting in my room with my head in my lap
Singing to myself, Babe, come back!
I know I made a brutal mistake
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The Eyes of a Tiger


Hate is a warm heart turned cold
Hate has the eyes of a tiger with a darkened soul
Hate is mom dukes snatched up at night
Hate is like a snake
Whose grip will perpetuate
Hate is a broken heart
That never got sewed

A Prisoner’s Wince


While I’m here, enslaved against my own will, as is only punishable by law and remains…
Surely, we sacrifice our freedom in search of financial gain, notoriety, fame.
To leave ourselves vulnerable to what is determined Justice by the powers that reign…

Wincing at the recollection of past acquaintances and associates
That in midst of chasing riches ended up being slain.
Faith has once been described as taking a step without seeing the staircase.
Though I haven’t glimpsed at hellfire, often I flinch from the Flame…
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