Almost There


Half way to my destination
But don’t know where I’m headed
Two steps back was like hell
So I’ma keep walking til I regret it
A lot of dreams left behind
And I’m mad I can’t obtain them Read More

Free Mindz Rap


Now I know what it’s like to have a Free Mind/
I was lost, blindfolded, to see crime/
One day I’m on the street, to see shine/
Next day I’m in the pen, to see time/
The judge told me, he gave me a second chance/
This is the longest I have ever been in the slam/
Free Mindz is family, family for what I stand/
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Words of Wisdom

By JG 

If I knew then what I know now, the things of the material world wouldn’t have had so much allure over me. I would’ve understood and appreciated the value of education, because I would’ve known that true education is the means by which individuals cultivate themselves mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  Read More

A Mind of My Own

By MC and DJ

I’m walkin’ down this road lost and alone
But 1 day I know Ima be a king with a throne
Miles and miles later I’ll find my way home
As I walk down this road I realized this road is long
I’m tired of being a puppet, I have a mind of my own
I want to shine bright as a star
I want a big house and a fast car Read More



Ever since you’ve been in my life
It hasn’t been a day or hour you haven’t been on my mind
And I get an unexplainable feeling
Lovin’ you and knowin’ you all mine
At only 8 months now, your smile and laugh alone
Makes my life just shine
And for anyone to say you isn’t
One of the most beautiful babies that they ever saw
They will be lying    Read More