Wehave been running for so long

that we all need to life our head

and take a moment to breathe

because we haven’t been giving ourselves the chance to breathe

what GOD intended for us to believe in

isn’t it the truth that what makes us strive to be something

but instead we have been captivated by all kinds of discrimination

which make us remain to castigated

so let’s stop fooling ourself and feeding our children with all kinds of fabrication

can’t you people realize that it is the authentication

that we are supposed to be chasing

Our forefathers and mothers shed their blood just to indicate

That it gonna take true education in order for us to amalgamate

To be one nation we must first put an end to all of this complication

Because it’s causing nothing but a whole lot of suffocation

But excuse me I’m just a man of my own

Seeking to uplift the world

But the earth seems to be getting heavier as more war corrupts

But I’m getting stronger as I master myself

Guns and drugs it was just bad for my health

So As-salaamu Alaikum to all the haters

That just be constantly waiting for us to fall into some type of dissipation

Us so-called black people just be constantly killing eachother with cogitation

But nod that ain’t part of my participation

I came into this world as a I built my mind with peace

My soul- is boiling like a volcano

It’s about to explode some heat

I’m talking about the whole 360

Our own true history

Some of us are just so ignorant

That we lack the true knowledge of our own true history

Allah is very angry that we are about to witness- another major catastrophe

His pear precious creation is unable to see

The true color that he created for us all to be

It is so hard to believe

That we killing eachother for something- that isn’t gonna make us all feel relief

So I leave as I came with peace

Especially to all my brother and sisters that I desire to meet.

I’m A Father

by C.R.

When I was out there, I didn’t know

I was a father til a few months ago

My mother told me

But I still can’t believe it

Because now my little boy got his father in a jail cell

And I don’t want my son to live in my footsteps

Or even get a taste of my crazy life

That involves drugs, gangs, etc.

If I would’ve known that I got a son

I would’ve been home right now

Trying to be someone and support him

And teach him what’s right and not wrong

Not like how my father taught me

Now that I’m away from my little boy

That’s about to be one in four days

Got me feeling like s***

Because I missed his birthday while I’m incarcerated

I know when I get out

I’ma try to help my son and his mother out

‘Til I get his custody

I’ma help him out


By A.G.


Who’s my brother

It’s not that I don’t have a brother

but when I was hurt, stress, down

and out, he left, he disappeared

like the weather

Am I my brother’s keeper?

I am but when I think of him my

heart gets weaker

because I know he’ll leave me leaking


All that means is that we share

the same mother

but I’ve cried for him, I’ve lied for

him, I’ve even thought of dying

for him

for my brother

I’ll give a kidney for him, a lung

for him, I’ll even rip out

my heart for him.

To save his life to show that

I’ll die for mines, that’s the

reason I’m sitting in prison

doing time

Brother I love my brother,

Brother I miss my brother

Brother I sure wouldn’t kiss my

brother –LLS-

But it still doesn’t kill the fact

That he’s my brother