Forgive Yourself


To a brother from another mother
Let’s take a long walk through the park
Some things I wish I would’ve told myself
And stayed young
Following more direction
Use them smarts Allah gave us
Wish I would’ve had someone else to guide me
Being where you’re at is the safest
But two days ago I got a plea bargain
For 10.5 to 22 years
For something I didn’t do
Who you think was affected by my situation?
None but family; no one else cried for me
No hood second thought on it with or for me
Wake up, young brothers
The streets has no hope or guidance
Like school or your family does
Take this time and before anyone else forgives you
Forgive yourself

My Mother


If only words could show
The depth of my heart
Or the love I have for her
My mother
A strong black mother
Who through adversity stayed strong
Single yet still held on
Embrace me within your arms
Your gentle voice saying
“We’ll make it through the storm”
My joy comes from you
My strength
My will
And my love too
Without you there is no me
You mean the world
So for you I wear my heart on my sleeve

For You


G, you’re the greatest thing that’s happened to me
And I will do my best to never let you down
My plan is to give you the world
I always want you smiling
I can’t be there now
But best believe I want to
So when I am there…
I guarantee there’s nothing we won’t do

You may be only a baby now; I don’t care
I want to bathe you, play with you, feed you, dress you
And all day hold you in my arms
As long as I live, it doesn’t matter how old you get…
You are my baby boy, my first son
And because of that I will protect you from all harms

You want me at your basketball game, your school play?
I’ll be there…I won’t miss a score or a line, and I promise you that
Even if you’re only on the bench the whole game
Even if you only got one line
Imma still be proud of you
And I’ll be in the stands
With a “my son is the best” hat

You having trouble with your homework? I’ll be there to help
And I’ll have your mom there to help me
I’m going to push you to strive for excellence
With your mother’s brilliance and my potential
There’s nothing you can’t do
So son, everything I said, I meant it
Every word I said is true
I love you son, so son I’m here any time
And there is nothing I won’t do…
For You

A Mother’s Love


Your mother’s love is tender and soft
You’re her employee and she’s the boss
She gave you life and gives you love
Everlasting joy and never-ending hugs
She was there from the start
And you’ll be there until her end
She’s my mother, my sister,
And my favorite best friend

Always Had My Mother


Dedicated To My Moms

I seen my mother go through withdrawals
I smelled the heroin coming out of her pores

There was days I had nothing
There was nights I had nothing
But my mother

We used to pray 4 better days
Momma always made a way

There was times I didn’t have no food
There was times I didn’t have fresh shoes
But I had my mother

Momma always held strong
She never worried that my father was long gone
There was times I couldn’t get love from my own kind
There was moments that I second guessed my own friends
But I always had my mother