My Crack in the Wall


Every day I awake in an open grave
And leave my slab to walk among the tombs

Massive monuments built to mark bad decisions and love lost
Life and freedom shattered by time being watched over by men with guns

I am not alone, for thousands walk with me
A nation of the undesirables left to rot above ground

Who like crabs hold each other back from reaching peace of mind
They thrive in the misery of their fellow man and thirst for dominance

They think the title King Crab is an honor
Don’t they see? King of the damned is still damned himself

I am different from most here
I walk in the land of the dead focused on life

Time is harsh, but my dreams have never decayed
Stepping stones made from ink on paper keep me on track

Words from loved ones lost, now found, tell me
I am human not an animal, and to never lose myself

Do or die among the dead until you get to the living
And never let the flame of life burn out, it connects us

So, I walk among the tombs every day
Looking for that crack in the wall, that slither of light

Today I’ve found her, and her name is…
Well that doesn’t matter

What matters in the end, today’s a good day
And my crack in the wall has just gotten a little bigger

Yours, The Reader (Perception)


See, deception will mask its own perception
The seed you sow
Is the seed you’ll show
So that’s the seed I’ll know
So try and dig it up
But your roots are what I see
My reactions to you
Your reactions to me
So you can cut it down
But you cannot un-plant a tree
So I am not wrong when I sing your song
But sing it better than you
What God puts together
No one can tear apart
Because it’s connected
Heart to heart
See, deception will mask its own perception