I wanna change
I won’t blame anyone else for my mistake
I wanna change so I can live my life straight
Like I done, dice, I wanna change my life
I need a chance to change
So everything can change
Change is happening to me
I’ma change my life
You will see

A Lesson Learned

In this life you’ll never really know
who is who or what is what
If you shake someone up enough
they’ll pop like mountain dew
That’s why you can never trust a human being
because even the person
with the same flesh as you
may unintentionally make mistakes and bad choices
They say a devil you know
is better than an angel you don’t know
But what makes matters worse
is when you don’t know yourself


I was playin’ a card
I was the one goin’ stupid hard
Things was looking funny
But I was always lovin’ the money
But I always hated a drought
I was in but now I’m out!
I love some ones
But I hate the no ones
I’m out now but I use to love them guns
I want things to be different but I want a change
I’ve always been true to the game
I always wanna win no doubt
I was in but now I’m out

What I Want

I want to learn how to stay out of trouble.
I want to learn how to go to school without leaving.
I want to learn how to stop reaching for a gun when an unknown car passes.
I want to learn how to love my haters.
I want to know.

To My Daughter

I walk through the day, hidden in my disguise.
With fear in my heart and pain in my eyes.
Fear of a man?
Hell no,
Fear of a woman.
Well I would say so,
Not fear of bodily harm.
Like broken legs or broken arms.
I fear the way she looks at me today.
What she thinks of me because I am away.
I am sorry I betrayed her trust
When I speak to myself, I scream and cuss.
I can only apologize for all my mistakes.
But I promise to make it up to her!
Whatever it takes.
I have lost so much in search of gain.
When this journey’s over I will never leave home again.
All my life I dedicate to you.
Always know, without a doubt,
That I Love You.