I was playin’ a card
I was the one goin’ stupid hard
Things was looking funny
But I was always lovin’ the money
But I always hated a drought
I was in but now I’m out!
I love some ones
But I hate the no ones
I’m out now but I use to love them guns
I want things to be different but I want a change
I’ve always been true to the game
I always wanna win no doubt
I was in but now I’m out

What I Want

I want to learn how to stay out of trouble.
I want to learn how to go to school without leaving.
I want to learn how to stop reaching for a gun when an unknown car passes.
I want to learn how to love my haters.
I want to know.

To My Daughter

I walk through the day, hidden in my disguise.
With fear in my heart and pain in my eyes.
Fear of a man?
Hell no,
Fear of a woman.
Well I would say so,
Not fear of bodily harm.
Like broken legs or broken arms.
I fear the way she looks at me today.
What she thinks of me because I am away.
I am sorry I betrayed her trust
When I speak to myself, I scream and cuss.
I can only apologize for all my mistakes.
But I promise to make it up to her!
Whatever it takes.
I have lost so much in search of gain.
When this journey’s over I will never leave home again.
All my life I dedicate to you.
Always know, without a doubt,
That I Love You.

Something For The Mind

For so long I have walked a path
that has provided me with nothing of virtue.
I thought I was getting away with something
when I took riches it offered.
As I was taking advantage of it,
it was stealing my spirit.
Now I am empty inside.
I want a new path
that will lead me to a better more fulfilling life.