Need Some Help


These walls are closing in slowly but surely

Everyday it’s getting harder 4 me to breath

It’s like I’m not the man I once used to be,

but I know they won’t believe me

My heart screams 4 love, but it’s ignored every time

What will it take 4 me to truly unwind?

I guess I’m scared to let the world know the real me

Could it be that I’m my own worst enemy?

If these walls would talk they would tell a deep story

About a boy that grew up lonely and hungry

With a tear stained pillow and a heart full of hate

With an empty stomach and a heart full of broken faith

No guidance nor supervision

Never told to be quiet, shut up and listen.

A man before my time

Lived hard before I even got a chance to live

I remember telling myself that something’s gotta give

There’s no greater pain than a neglected child’s

No love in my house hold and u expect me to smile

Come on, let’s be real, I am to you what I am to everybody else

A troublesome youth that needs some help


By AP 

Haters say I’m not goin make it

But I say stop hatin’

They don’t believe

But I believe I would achieve

To get what I need

They think I will die

But I will live and succeed

And hold my pride