My Ultimate Sun


Your light shines to the ends of the universe
Far beyond what anyone can see
N.A.S.A. has classified you phenomenal
In all that you embrace with energy and love
To all existence, always persistent
Yet so far and distant
Light years away, but still able to display
Your power, strength and cordiality
You are amazing
What can one do without you?
I’d imagine become weak and bitter
Shiver and wither, from the lack of T.L.C.
Your tender love and care is what I mean
Plus everything in between happiness and elation
You inspire me, Beauty
Awesome Beauty
Inspired me to write this poem

It Seem


It seem like I only can write about love

Cause I love too much

I didn’t know love make you feel like you’ve been struck

Struck by lightning and make you die

I didn’t know love make you cry

The only way I don’t stress

Is when I’m prayin’ and writing some kind of poem

I wanna be outside but not in no storm

It seem like I’m down and out

When I should be up and about

It seem like love ain’t for me

It like love ain’t ‘pose to be

Love hurt but people act like they can’t see

It seem like life upside down

Or like some people are clowns


By A.R.

So Beau, tell me is there in my acts of amour

That appears to your heart?

With no answers, still I try

My hand at a woman who seems almost forbidden

My own Helen of Troy so hard to allure

Vivid displays of emotion though still she ignores

Though still I try

My hand at a woman’s amour that seems almost forbidden

So many acts of betrayal, let downs


I’ve always forgiven

Who am I but a gentleman to discern love from lust

So in a conniving feline still I trust

Disappointment, disappointment, over again

This game of hearts I strive to win

My dreams often occupied with visions of her

A mere sight of her beauty

Will cause hormones, emotions together to stir

But I awake to only welcome loneliness with a reluctant embrace

This solitude maybe has driven me crazy

I’ve ventured far past Rubicon

Endowed in acts that may capture her love, or lust?

Who knows?

Often I see we’re misled by desire on uncertain path

With lust for a love one should not have

Though I…I choose to bow out gracefully

Cherie amour though your beauty is undesirable

If you feel not for me then I try no more