Would you mind if I stood next to you – a stranger on the street?
Even though my life so far has not been nice and neat?
Society says I’m less than you
Because I have a past
And treats me like the dark and evil villain of the past

Would you mind I sat next to you – a stranger on a bus?
Could you look past the differences that frame the both of us?
Though scars and tats may seem to make me less upright than you
To judge me from my cover is an
Unfair point of view

Would you mind if I lived next to you – a stranger in your town?
When you find out about my felony, will you let me live it down?
Your neighbors turn their eyes away
As if it wasn’t clear
That because of my past mistake
They don’t want me here

Would you mind if I worked next to you – a stranger earning his way?
This job is all I’ve found so far to
Make some decent pay
They shut me down in interviews
As if I wasn’t fit
To do much more than mow a lawn or shovel piles of s**t

Would you mind if I joined you as part of your society?
An ex-con forced outside it with this stigma forced on me?
I’ve done my time
I’ve paid my dues
There’s no inherent danger
In treating me like one of you and not me

A stranger


  1. AG,

    This poem is extremely well written and makes me really think about my life. It is such a same that people in society are looked down upon because of their past. This truly is a travesty and it is something that needs to be corrected immediately. Thank you for sharing this amazing poem and keep writing. -Pat

  2. Gianna Torres says

    AG, Your poem spoke very deeply to me. In society, there is always this idea that people are so different based on race, gender, religion generally physicality or whatever you may call it. But in reality, as I got from your poem, we are all equals. Everyone feels pain and love and internal and external struggle and we forget that sometimes we are all going through the same things. I think we judge each other too quickly and miss out on great things because of it. You have powerful words that I wish the whole world could hear and really understand. Thank you for letting me read this. You aren’t a stranger to me. -Gianna

  3. Barbara Moffet says

    This poet has a real gift with words! And the thoughts expressed are so important to consider. I hope he or she will continue to write and to find some true acceptance by those he meets.

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