Beyond These Walls

Beyond these walls is a path that leads
to contentment, when put in the right environment,

Beyond these walls is the joys of pleasure
that can last forever,

Beyond these walls is the freedom to roam
without being controlled by others…

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Embracing My Future

The secure embrace holds me in place
Keep me steady, slows my pace
Helps me see the light at the end of a dark tunnel
The storms have finally ceased, no longer a deep funnel

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The Institutional Man

Waking up to this new day with no sign of a sun
Only the familiar vibe of structure, aggregate, and painted metallics
Relishing the cozy confines of limited space
And every possession within reach

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Wait 4 Me

Wait 4 Me
Because I’m almost free
No more cuffs on my hands
No more shackles on my feet
No more waking up sad
No more crying to sleep

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Free Mind

I got a Free Mind, full of lots of thoughts and ideas
My body locked up in the pen, but my mind is not here
I know I’m finally coming home at the end of the year
Every time I think about it, my eyes almost shed a tear

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