My Ultimate Sun


Your light shines to the ends of the universe
Far beyond what anyone can see
N.A.S.A. has classified you phenomenal
In all that you embrace with energy and love
To all existence, always persistent
Yet so far and distant
Light years away, but still able to display
Your power, strength and cordiality
You are amazing
What can one do without you?
I’d imagine become weak and bitter
Shiver and wither, from the lack of T.L.C.
Your tender love and care is what I mean
Plus everything in between happiness and elation
You inspire me, Beauty
Awesome Beauty
Inspired me to write this poem


  1. Caity Pinkard says

    I love this poem, the visuals and the rhyme scheme are ver poignant, and resonate with that sense of loving or yearning for someone or something.

  2. This is beautiful and vivid. You write with such power and depth. There is clear emotion and clarity in your words. I can’t wait to read more of your writing.

  3. When reading your beautiful poem, it made me wonder who you were speaking to through the poem. Were you speaking to someone or was the poem speaking to someone? Who is the You? Who is ultimate Beauty for you? Thank you for igniting my imagination and warming my heart with your words.

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