Marco! Polo!


Life is more like a group thing,
it isn’t really a solo.
I wish I would have known
instead of finding out on my own
that everything is better in company
than going at it alone.

Marco! Polo!
Always looking for something out there.
Missing the small simple things,
or how perfect they were
and how they meant everything

Marco! Polo!…
Just open your eyes,
Wake up to the lights
of all that surrounds you.
Take off from your face
the veil that blinds you.
Appreciate what you have.
It may not all be good,
but it’s not totally bad.
And try to remember:
Keep your eyes on the ball,
and that we tend to forget
that the higher we get,
the harder we fall.

I’m learning all this
as I’m getting old.
Whatever you do,
Hold on tight to your soul.
Marco! Polo!
I found you.


  1. Wow, thank you for the reminder that we are never alone, both on the inside and in the world around us. I appreciate the way you stress the important caring for your soul and well-being, as well as the community you surround yourself with. All the best.

  2. Reid Baron says:

    It’s taken me a lifetime to learn this too. Great piece of work.

  3. This is a great poem! I love the way you have woven the title phrase into the poem. And this is a great line: “it may not be all good, but it’s not totally bad.”

  4. I love the depth of the insight juxtaposed with the simplicity of a childhood swimming pool game.

  5. Catherine Davis says:

    Hi AC,
    I love this poem! And your use of Marco! Polo! is brilliant. Yes, life is a group thing. What an important thing to remember. I love your positive message and your writing is original and surprising. I hope you write every day, even when it’s not fun.

  6. I read that several times. it was profound and true, even an old guy like me could see the simple truth in it. your use of metaphor and imagery was spot on! I could see an image of someone in the pool with her eyes closed calling out looking for a response. And to compare that to life was just perfect. Good job young man! keep writing.

  7. Charlotte says:

    Thank you for reminding me of that game from my childhood – and then helping me understand it in a new way. No wonder kids love to play Marco Polo, it’s a way to make our seeking through life “blind,” a little less scary. I hope you keep writing.
    -A librarian in Louisiana

  8. Dear AC,
    I really loved this poem. It was very deep and told the painful story of loneliness but also sent the beautiful message that no one ever truly needs to face life all alone. I also liked the recurring use of “Marco Polo”, it was very powerful and a smart metaphor.
    Thank you for your poem.

  9. jackson bartley says:

    Your poem spoke to me i could feel what you felt when you said wake up to the lights

  10. Vega Gullette says:

    I think this poem is amazing. The life lessons hidden in the stanzas are so extremely relatable and I completely understand what you mean in the first and second stanzas about missing the little things in life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  11. Dear AC,
    I am responding to your poem Marco! Polo! and wow what a wonderful poem, thank you for writing it. We have all played “Marco Polo” growing up and this poem brought back memories of hanging with the boys and fooling around. The topic of the poem is very relatable and it really hit home for me. I also enjoyed the subtle rhymes thrown into the poem, making it fun to read and keeping the reader engaged. I related to this poem because often times I feel lonely, and you need more than one person to play Marco Polo!

  12. Omeed Chaichian says:

    Dear AC,
    This poem is fantastic! Your poem structure shows that you have a gift for poetry. Your poem sends a very motivational and strong message. You are clearly extremely intelligent and competent. Keep it up, buddy!

  13. Dear AC,
    I just read your poem Marco! Polo! My name is Salvador and really liked your poem. You’re topic about how life actually is really struck me. I was particularly moved with when you talked about how living in company make everything better, your word were “I wish I would have known instead of finding out on my own that everything is better in company than going at it alone”. Those are very powerful words, I have myself lived away from my family and the people that I love the most for some time now, which has been hard. Reading this poem makes me realize that it is so for everyone and that it is important to try to be with the people that I love. I want to thank you for that.
    Best regards
    Salvador VP

  14. The game of Marco Polo is a great use of metaphor because if you’re alone then there’s no one to say Polo and you will remain blind and lost. Keep writing!

  15. Read this three times. It’s definitely meant to be performed, the pacing is made for spoken-word poetry. The first line grabbed me right off, and it’s full of wisdom. And I needed a lot of those reminders, so thank you.

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