Trapped inside your own mind,
no human contact takes a toll in time.
Have seen many lose their mind;
but to some only the strong survive

It affects many differently,
but all mentally and physically.
It’s not a place for a human being;
either animals have time to roam.
Being caged in like endangered species is not for any

I witness this isolation;
I live in this isolation;
Taking one day at a time
while occupying your time is the mentality of many.

As one focus on life they grow in time and
with every hardship comes ease and in the
end one will free his mind



AS wrote this while in solitary confinement.


  1. Wow, I loved this! The use of repetition really made me feel how you felt. I liked how you broke up lines which helped create tension. Keep writing! You have a true talent.

  2. SO POWERFUL. And to know that this individual was in solitary confinement, just wow.

  3. We are all in this together and we “owe each other a terrible loyalty.” No person should be an island or made to feel like one. Thank you for your words and insight!

  4. Kimberlie Hogan says

    As I read this, I realize I haven’t never been isolated without a choice. I can imagine that being taken away but how you describe the feeling and how you come to terms with isolation is very real and inspiring. Continue to write so that others will hear and understand. You will make a difference.

  5. The idea of the mind being a trap because there is not outlet resonates. Isolation might be one of the most difficult things for a human to endure. I’m struck by way you draw your reader through the trap of the mind to the idea that hardship is followed by ease and eventually freedom of the mind. That’s some serious introspection. Ending with “Peace”–thanks for sharing this.

  6. M Argersinger says

    Stay strong. I hope that writing brings you the peace you need.

  7. A stunning piece. Reminiscent of the realities of depression, it was a twist to read it was about solitary confinement. The greatest power we possess is our mind, which you exemplify beautifully here, particularly “one will free your mind”, though it needn’t be the end. A beautiful, viceral piece.

  8. Hey AS,

    Your poem is moving to me, and I agree with what it says: that no one should be subject to forced isolation. I hope things have improved, and that the end of your poem has come true for you. Keep writing!

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