In My Mind


In my mind’s eye,
I see so many things.
I’ve been frozen for eternity,
forever preserving
their beauty and sentimentality.

In my mind,
they can remain untouched,
perfect that way,
as beautiful as I perceived
them to be when beheld…

Forever: sunny days,
forever rainy and gray,
forever pretty.
the lady who captured
my imagination.
Forever: people, days
and bright thoughts.

In my mind’s eye,
frozen in time.
Periodically, I review
their beauty and sentimentality,
through the lens of a
cloudy eye: bleary,
clearing as my mind progresses
through each cherished memory.


  1. PJ,

    I really liked the image that you created in this poem. I love the idea of looking into your memories and viewing them as untouched. They are their own little gift to yourself, and they can be saved from the terrors of the outside world because you keep them in your mind. It also makes me think of some memories/people that I will think of that can keep me calm during a “storm,” similar to how you look at something with a cloudy eye, then, as your mind adjusts, you see the clear picture. I’ll think of memories that I have that allow me to step back and reflect while I’m going through a tough time. Thank you for reminding me of them, and for the beautiful poem!


  2. Megan Gaines says

    Hi Pj,

    Thank you so much for sharing you poem. I thought the word choice was beautiful and I found myself picturing some of my own memories of people I care about, and days I remember enjoying. I really resonated with the idea of preserving memories of people and days in a positive light and trying to hold on to the good, though as you wrote sometimes through a cloudy eye. Throughout reading this poem I felt an overwhelming sense of peace thinking about the people and memories I miss but have to hold on to. I really enjoyed reading it, I hope to read more of your poetry soon.


  3. Dear PJ,

    Thanks for this lovely poem. I like the idea of beautiful, sentimental memories with vivid imagery that you can look back on. I think many people would find this poem relatable. We all have memories that we want to preserve, that help us remember times when we were happy and help us remember what’s truly important in life. I like how you repeat the word “forever,” as memories can last a really long time, unlike some material things. The last paragraph is interesting, where you talk about periodically reviewing your memories, and how they get clearer. Sometimes I find myself vaguely remembering something I haven’t thought about in a long time, and the memory comes back as I think about it. It’s amazing how our mind can store these images for so long. Great poem!


  4. PJ,

    This was a beautiful poem full of vivid imagery and emotion. It captured how we deal and experience memories well. Memories are just one snapshot and perspective on something we want to remember. We might remember a memory differently than how it actually happened because we want to look back on it in a certain way. Or we may choose to only remember certain things about a memory while forgetting others. I enjoyed how you described memories as something that we cherish. Memories are one of the few things we truly have to ourselves, and I love the line “they can remain untouched, perfect that way.” I also enjoyed the imagery of memories being “frozen” because, like ice in heat, memories are not permanent and eventually melt away. Thank you for sharing your words with us.


  5. Hi PJ,

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem. It reminded me of the amazing capacity of happy memories to sustain us no matter what we’re going through. You captured the image of each moment you remembered so well. I especially liked the line where you talked about “the lady who captured / my imagination.” This resonated with me because a lot of times it’s fun to see people out and about their daily business and to imagine things about them, and take joy in the fact that others are observing, passing by, and wondering about us. It’s a simple thing that I miss during these times but you captured it so well. I hope you write and share more!


  6. Hi PJ,
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful poem! I really like your way with words and the way that your poem flowed. My favorite lines are “I’ve been frozen for eternity, forever preserving their beauty and sentimentality.” I think those lines and the image that they create in my mind are truly beautiful. I really like your theme of “the mind,” and how certain memories and emotions stick with us forever. Keep up the great work!

  7. PJ,

    This is such nice poem. I love how you described memories as untouched moments that you look back on often. I really liked the line, “Periodically, I review their beauty and sentimentality, through the lens of a cloudy eye…”. That was a really beautiful way to describe looking back on old memories. Thank you for sharing this!


  8. Hey Pj!

    This poem was written absolutely beautiful. I love the way you talk about not only seeing things that you perceive as beautiful as frozen, buy yourself as frozen as well. It shows to me that you are very observant, and pick up on beauty that others might miss because they don’t look as deeply. My favorite line was “forever preserving their beauty and sentimentality”. It shows one looking at the beauty before them and continuing on to look deeper to find the meaning in the object beneath their gaze.

    This was a joy to read!

  9. PJ,

    I loved how you were able to so eloquently capture the ways in which memories and moments can stay frozen and unchanged in our minds. This poem was so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your work with us, and I hope you continue to write poems.


    Samantha Smart

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