Free Minds is honored to receive the Juliette Gimon Courage Award from Global Fund for Children, recognizing the perseverance of three organizations working to advance the rights of children and young people living in difficult circumstances.

In addition to Free Minds, this year’s winners include Youth Safety Awareness Initiative in Nairobi and a third winner that cannot be named publicly due to repression against civil society groups in its home country. We are honored to be included in such incredible, courageous company.

Our Executive Director, Tara Libert, said, “We are incredibly honored and uplifted by the Juliette Gimon Courage Award. This recognition sheds light on the extreme racial inequities of the US criminal legal system that punishes children as adults and banishes them to the margins of society. This award supports our members’ work to heal the trauma inflicted by the prison system, and amplify the voices of the courageous young people who are leading the way in the struggle to build a better, more equitable future.”

Learn more about the Courage Awards and this year’s winners. Watch the announcement or read the full press release here.

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