Feather Me


Can I fly with you guys
Where I belong, or is it because I’m a crow
I don’t know why I’m perceived as evil
But my physical existence is the same as a seagull
But does color really matter?
I glance at the pretty blue jays
And I’m very amazed how cardinals became an NFL logo on Sundays
Doves are love, and hummingbirds sing soft melodies
And vultures should be charged with multiple felonies
I just want to fly in the sky and rest in a nest
Eat worms when it’s my turn, I’ll never butt in line and be greedy
I’m considerate of the needy
I thank the humans for throwing me bread
I observe like an owl, and listen to what was said
I’m a bird, just a different color
So don’t judge black birds as evil and dirty
But learn us so the world will think we’re worthy

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