I was fortunate to walk this earth with my feet
To the earth will my elements go
Back to dust for someone else’s being, once I’m deceased

I was replenished by water, the sun’s rays against my face
Once I’m gone, my fluids will concede
Returning to its original stream

I meditated on my breath, synchronized with the wind
At one with the planet, on earth’s axis I slowly spin
Gladly I relinquish, exhale never again to take it in

The fire in my passion lit many trails ablaze
Eventually it too will meet the chill of death
As it returns to the coldness of space

I will be at peace, no regrets, no complaints
On how my life was spent
Thankful for my time, the elements, my temporary tent

As for my soul, whether there’s a heaven
Immediately after death I don’t know

Rumors of rewards, doctrines of Paradise
All I can do is be patient and enjoy this present life


Author’s note: I wrote this poem because of my experiments with meditation and Buddhist teachings. I wanted to convey my peace, not just in my living, but also the inevitability of death. What did I do with my elements? Hopefully by the time I come face to face with death, I can say that I used them wisely. Death has a lot to do with perception. Does one truly die if the elements that make up your essence remain? I know what I believe is to come, but logically I can’t know for sure. It’s more of a hope I hold inside. But what I do know, because it’s tangible, is the elements that make up my being, and for them I’m truly grateful.  


  1. MV, thank you for sharing this poem. I can tell that your words are influenced by practice meditating, and as I read them I almost feel as though I am being guided through a meditative practice. I also find the questions you bring up in your author’s note to draw on important reflections. I had never thought about death having a lot to do with perception, but I am intrigued by that notion. Thank you for giving me new ideas to consider. I wish you all the best!

  2. This poem is beautiful. I think accepting death is a very hard thing to do, along with being patient with the unknown of what happens after death. The part where you said that you will be at peace on how your life was spent really was really impactful for me. Being at peace with how you lived is something I believe most people hope to have when it is their time to go. Thank you so much for sharing your poetry.

  3. Hello MV,

    This poem was truly awesome. I am inspired by your faith and to be reminded of our elements here on Earth. It is often, that many of us take our elements for granted and struggle to find peace.

    “I will be at peace, no regrets, no complaints
    On how my life was spent
    Thankful for my time, the elements, my temporary tent“

    There are many things to be debated about in our lives. But we should all be thankful of our temporary journeys because we do not get it again as we can once were. Thank you for sharing this!

  4. This is an amazing poem that utilizes Buddhist thought and teachings to muse on the topic of inevitable death. Before reading your author’s note, I didn’t exactly realize it was about Buddhism (until maybe the last stanza where you referred to Paradise); I initially thought this poem might be about climate change, the environment, and death. Your author’s note lends some insight, however, and re-reading the poem, I can clearly identify the elements of Buddhism you’ve chosen to include. This poem reminded me to be thankful for what I have and am in this moment. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful piece.

  5. Andrew Molina says

    I found the spirituality of this poem to be very engaging. I loved the way you use imagery to connect aspects of the human experience with the world as a whole. I admit the representation of death is a bit saddening, but the sense of peace you mention in your author’s note really shines through to the audience. Overall I thought it was beautifully written with a powerful message behind it.

  6. This was a very good poem! The fact that you are passionate about it makes the poem so much better!! Keep up the good work and do not stop writing!

  7. I loved how this poem shows how the author is feeling. You can see that the author is feeling at peace not only in life but also death. I really enjoyed reading this poem. Please continue writing in the future.

  8. MV, this poem is beautiful. I also recently studied some Buddhist practices and I love how you incorporated those ideals into your work. The concept of death is such a difficult subject for so many, but reaching peace in yourself makes living life worth it. This poem makes it clear that we all live; and once we die, everybody will give back to the earth that has sustained us in life.

  9. Bryan Chong says

    A truly beautiful poem with an amazing title. I love the strong diction you chose to convey meaning in each line. I really think the imagery and sort of melancholy tone ties very well with your message of peace. I liked the title name because of the duality of the meaning and how one can interpret it how they perceive it. Great job!

  10. Cyrill Maceda says

    This poem definitely makes one think of their perception in life. I was able to learn a lot from this poem and I am glad to read about your view in life. I hope that you do reach the same satisfaction as you hoped for yourself in the poem.

  11. Kathleen Brown says

    This is incredible! I could truly feel your passion and sincerity, and although you and I will never meet, we are all spiritual beings in a temporary physical existence. The light in me bows to and honors the light in you. Namaste!

  12. Hey, MV! I really like your poem, and after reading the author’s note I can say that I really like your stance on the way things are. The poem itself was beautiful, and I really like how every stanza was like a new life. That being said, the closeness of death and the continued willingness to go right into it… I loved that. I really think that view is really heartwarming and charming. I’d like to think I’d face my own end with such dignity and grace as the various lives in your poem do. Keep on writing, this is good stuff!

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