Jordan’s Story

For most seniors, graduation and prom are some of the most stressful moments of a high school career, but for Jordan, it was making a call to a disappointed mother from DC Jail. At just 17 years old, he found himself in a jail cell facing time for a criminal offense—one of his first, ever. Jordan was charged and incarcerated as an adult even though he was only 17. Read More

Rod’s Story: Cooking with Love Provides Food for the Soul

Interview by Kelli Taylor

I love cooking! I really do! I enjoy putting the plate together, being creative with it, knowing that somebody I don’t know from a can of paint ‘bout to enjoy this meal I’m putting together. That in itself is just heartwarming. Especially when the rush come and you got a rack of tickets up there and you got your team together and everybody’s on their station and you ready. You’re professional and you’re doing it, takin’ everything seriously, sanitation, your plate presentation, the whole nine! I wanna feed someone else the same way I wanna to be fed. You know?Read More

Nick’s Story

If you had asked me what I wanted out of life when I was 16, I would have just shrugged my shoulders at you. I wouldn’t have had any answers to questions about my future. I didn’t have dreams. – Nick, age 27

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Varvie’s Story

Varvie was just shy of his 18th birthday when he was arrested, charged and convicted as an adult. He spent the next 11 ½ years in federal prisons across the country. Upon his release, Varvie, now 29, was determined to prove to himself and his loved ones that he had changed and was now a hard-working and responsible man. “I grew up a lot in prison,” he says. “I changed and I put away childish things.” Read More

Malik’s Story

Malik was not surprised to find himself charged and incarcerated as an adult at the DC Jail when he was just 16 years old. “I knew by the choices I was making where I was going to end up,” he says. “I had already been locked up in juvenile facilities 13 different times by then.” Read More