In June 2023, author Cedric Nash joined our Men and Women’s Book Clubs at the DC Jail to discuss his book Why Should White Guys Have All the Wealth?: How You Can Become a Millionaire Starting From the Bottom about learning the secrets of finance and working to build wealth. Nash’s book aims to not only assist readers with improving their financial habits, but to bring awareness to the country’s racial wealth gap as well. It received positive feedback from our members, and Nash was met with eagerness to learn and many questions about how to get started. 

In his book, Nash discusses his own story, illuminating the steps for investing and saving money  that allowed him to become a millionaire by 32. Inspired by his story and philosophy around money, members shared their experiences growing up and their goals for the future. Everyone had their own insights to offer, creating an atmosphere of positivity and enthusiastic education. Members listened to inspiring stories of people from all walks of life gaining wealth, illustrating Nash’s driving point that every person, regardless of background or level of experience, is able to accomplish their financial goals. 

Nash was realistic with our members, assuring it would take time, focus, and passion. He stressed the value of networking and taking advantage of the insights offered by those who have achieved similar goals. Members recounted their own career goals and experiences with financial literacy. Many members said their current objective is to save for a home, and they noted passions like carpentry, cooking, IT work, and providing food for those in need. One member discussed her dream of starting her own business, and Nash provided advice on how to save money, network with others, and act as your own boss.  

Cedric Nash declared his ultimate goal of wanting to help other people, highlighted by his free online sessions to coach others in building their wealth and his time spent giving back to communities. He emphasized the value of speaking to community members and sharing his teachings with others, relaying to members the fulfillment he feels when he’s able to connect with people. He said giving back in such a way motivates him to continue his work, and he revealed to the Book Clubs his desire to do more outreach with those who are incarcerated. 

By the end of the sessions, Book Club members were given the opportunity to reflect on wealth in their lives. They were excited to learn about wealth and hear from Nash, and they ended the sessions with an increased drive to develop a plan to pursue their dreams. Check out the poem “Every Day” by member Antoyne below.

Every Day

By Antoyne 

Day by day, I strive to elevate

How far I’ve come is the glowing pride that shines outwardly from me

Growth and change are one and the same

Building on experience and confident

A hammer and nail can make things stick

But a belief in self will solidify the foundation

Patience, belief, struggle, and determination

I will build not just for today

But I will keep continuing to build every day

My building does not consist of brick and steel

But the heart of my will! 

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