You Define Me


You take the weight of my world on your shoulders
See visions of a past life inside your head
You’re always welcoming when there’s a need to be held
Quell your frustrations between my legs
You’re something
When you ain’t got nothing else
Demand the truth, even when you lie to yourself
And self; is awed, by your style and grace
Your positive temperament
Your humble haste
You don’t ever complain
You possess the strength of which is famed
You take so much
Letters and phone calls
No matter what, you stay in touch
You are the vision when it’s hard to see
You see past the rest, optimistically
Do your best to hold things together
You hold it down
No matter
You define me
You don’t care what people say
As years went by
You made me stay
You made me spend all those nights alone trying
You kept me alive
When everything else was dying
The way you made me feel
Felt you in the past
Sometimes stronger
Always real
Never felt so much of you in the heart
And what is gained
Can never be taken apart
You define me…


  1. Really interesting. JM, you might want head to the library to read some Shakespeare sonnets. Check it out, let me know.

  2. This a true masterpiece! Keep on writing! This is clearly from the heart. I really admire your imagery and your taking the reader on this journey of love and HOPE.

  3. Patrick Riviere says:

    Even before I got to the end, I thought to myself that this poem was written by someone who still has hope…and then I saw the last line. You really got across the theme of your poem well. Good luck to you, and I’ll be thinking of you.

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