Inner Strength


As a product of his environment,
He could not read nor write,
Designed and programmed for destruction,
Thoughts of suicide haunted him at night.

As a product of his environment.
Incarcerated overnight
Afraid to give up, he decided to fight

Six years later a GED, Paralegal diploma and
An Associate’s Degree in Business Management
He found life.

As a product of his environment
He took flight.



Suicide… I’m going insane.  I can’t control my thinking

I wake up in the middle of the night sweating rivers from crazy dreaming

It’s a problem, a problem dat I cannot take care of at the moment

But it’s been on my mind all day and it won’t go away.

I can’t control it!

Suicide… It’s 1 of many things that comes to your head

Depressed, down, stressed, and sad.  You’re like, “I’m better off Dead.”

NO! Please don’t, it’s really not dat bad. Please don’t slit your vein.

STOP! And think about it, about your loved ones, come on use your brain.

And you’re like, “no” I really have no use here on earth… I’m hopeless

Just please put down the razor, let’s talk…just focus

Have you ever heard the saying coincidence is GOD?

Way to stay anonymous

Well believe it and let the situations play out because it’s up to him

You can’t do nothing about it

Because whatever’s meant to happen, trust me, its gonna happen

So please don’t try to be no superman, batman, or no captain

Just know that with time comes a solution

So if it don’t come out the way you expected

Don’t go looking for retribution.

Clear your mind, get some air… or take a ride

Because it’s really worthless… to commit SUICIDE!

Don’t do IT!



This poem is for those people who got so many problems going dat they think about committing suicide.  That’s just selfish. What if for example you commit suicide and then your parents do it, then your kids do it, and so one. You can really start a chain reaction.  Understand that what you do affects your loved ones.  People it’s not worth killing yourself about a problem you can’t do nothing about. God is not gonna put nothing on you that you can’t bear. So keep your head up and know that whatever happens happen.  It was a decree from God.  So you can’t change what God has already planned.