Black, Gifted, and Proud


Since I’m Black and considered 1/3 of a man
They feel I can only relate to crime
My physical imprisonment is a tactic
To conceal thoughts produce by my creative,
Innovative strength of mind
I’m united as one man
& hope my Brothers and sisters will unite as one Klan
Stripped of our nationality and culture
Only to become ancestors to no land
My pigmentation is a pig temptation
To annihilate our race and uplift America
To a white man nation
The truth is basic
Only seek by those willing to see
If you choose to face it you’ll learn
What seem to still be confusing to me
One nation under God
Was facilitated by a façade
To weaken our defenses from simply
Oppressing the odds
Now who’s in charge
The last decision
As a whole we must proclaim
We’re Black, Gifted and Proud.

Cambio es Posible

I always used to say I walked alone
while I was above the influence
I always used to say “No me vale nada”
when I used to do anything
Now I always say I’m walking with a guardian angel
In the presence of god
Now I say I’m sorry for the dumb mistakes
I did while I was out there
And now once I touch down
I can accomplish my lifelong goal
And become a businessman


When I’m out there I claim my loved ones
Claim my mother, father, sisters, brothers, and family,
But when I’m on the street I claim a dingy old flag
When I’m with mi familia,
I’m a different person
Just like how a pit is different around its owner