If the body that you rent
Is not just a cup but the content
Then your identity is entity

The time you spend with me is never wasted
I speak truth and help you face it
To take you far beyond the basics

One with patience
Looks at this bankrupt nation and misapplied enumeration
As the reason why there is a matrix
I’m here awake with

So many sleeping minds, I have to keep in mind
Not to calculate the steps I take
Because the steps I take are eager
To fulfill a greater will

Everyone is great until
They find a blind time with no help left
Why don’t you help self

Unless you have something better to do
But what is better than you


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The Reason


I once thought that I’d be right now out there with my men
But now I only think about the tragedies I’ve been through with my men
Almost been killed more than my hands can count
And still I’m out there doing me
Now I see the reason why Allah put me here
To get more knowledge and change my mindset
I can say that I’ve been getting knowledge
But my mindset is still stuck on them streets

Big Dogs & Cool Cats


He’s back! He’s back! Who’s that?
You know who, the big dog that hangs with those cool cats
Oh yeah, I know him—where’s he been?
Freeing his mind through his pad and pen
I just saw him and he spoke words of gloom
He told me to never let my glory walk hand in hand with doom

People forget faster than they remember, so remember never to forget
Knowledge is like a great wall, we have to pay attention to every brick
Success is measured by failure, by those who learn from their mistakes
If you keep these things in mind, everything you are will be great!