If They Take My Life


If they take my life
It doesn’t mean that I die
For one to experience death
They must first be alive

Somewhere along our journey
In the midst of the days and nights
Someone has convinced us
That there is no difference between living and life

If I should cry a night
Does that make me weak?
And learn a depth of words
Does that make me deep?

If they take my life
Does it mean that I die?
Immortalized by my words
Through the spirit of their readers eye

If love lends wings
And I Believe I Can Fly
But you convinced me of impossibilities
Yet still I try

Where you see a butterfly
I see a cocoon
A caterpillar in the sky
A metamorphosis full bloom….

Pain to Power


I was 14 when I watched Ky die
When I seen him fall back and close his eyes,
I wanted to die
I didn’t want to believe he was dying
So I ain’t cry
I just talked to his boy like he was alive
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My Life

By BP 

 My life
 Living it bad and doing it wrong
 I need a change just like that poor man on the street
 In and out this life
 It’s like a wish
 I wish and I wish for a change
 Losing my friends and family
 For that change I wish and I wish
 I can change
 Seeing my mother cry
 And losing me and my life
 And mama losing me
 That change
 That change
 Got that change



I knew he would die
But not wit a gun
On dah corner wit us
Just having fun
Loved by all
Except for one
He was shot
And now it was done
RIP Donte

Live or Die Hard (Bury Me With Stripes On My Heart)


If I am still living past 30
I beat the battle of the system we live by
If I don’t make it
I am going 2 die hard 4 trying
Every day we fight 4 freedom of speech
Or something important in our life today
So I am going 2 stand up 4 what’s right
And what I believe is right
Now and in the future
I just want 2 live free
With no stress in the world
If I can’t live in peace
Then bury me with stripes
On my heart and soul 4 life
When somebody look me up
At least they can say
He didn’t go 4 nothing
While he was alive