Ms. Virginia


Written on August 14, 2017

Today I lost and discovered you at the same time
Your patriotic stance and sacrifice was unique and one of a kind.
You lived and died for what you believed in
A righteous state of mind.
For equality and justice for all mankind.
A right that each and every one of us should be ready to fight for at the drop of a dime.

In loving memory of Heather Heyer,
A gift from heaven, you are truly divine.


  1. Catherine Davis says:

    What a powerful and thoughtful poem! This moved me greatly- perhaps one of the best tributes to Heather Heyer that I have read. Thank you! Yes, she was a brave young woman who defended those that needed defending. Our country is clearly divided and I trust that good will prevail, eventually. Your words carry great meaning and emotion and you expressed something I was unable to put into words. Thank you! I am wishing you peace of mind and want you to know that you are not forgotten.

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