Letter to Myself

By Sam

Dear Sam,

Get it right
Time is ticking away quickly
Stage IV
5 cm. x 7 cm.

Get it right
Spend as much time with her as possible
Don’t explode
Make allowances

Get it right
Get out of here ASAP
Kick the habit
Don’t come back

Get it right
Make the time count
Love her like never before
Hold on tight

Get it Right!

As always,

Samuel wrote this poem after learning that his mother has lung cancer. The measurements refer to the size of the tumor.


  1. Tony Keith Jr. says:

    I like the “Dear self” aspect of this piece. I think if you wanted to develop it further, you could extend the correlation of the size of the cancer to the size of your heart and how much love, can be our biggest healer. My best to your mom.

  2. This is a very powerful poem. I really like the way you use short, clipped phrases to convey important actions and emotions. You put yourself out there and let the reader connect, because most of us have been in the position where we feared for the health of a loved one. I’m sorry that your mother is so sick, and I hope that things will go as well as possible for her.

  3. Incredibly moving. It’s concise, yet descriptive. Keep going! Being vulnerable makes for a powerful piece, which you’ve done here! Prayers for your mom, you and your family.

  4. This poem is able to say so much in so few words and such short sentences. I think the fact that this is written as a letter to yourself makes it even more powerful, because most poems are written as speaking to someone else, so turning it back onto yourself is surprising and meaningful. I hope that your mother gets better, and no matter what happens, I hope you can find peace and comfort knowing that you are a loving and caring son.

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