By DH, a student at Phelps ACE High School

In the beginning, there was a word
Sometimes it reached their ears but was not always heard
But when ears are blind, action is taken
Then control is forgotten and then comes mayhem 
We lose sight of our senseless choice
We show our mind but are silent with our voice


  1. I’m not sure why, but this poem jumped out at me. I loved the line “when ears are blind.” You have great words in this piece.

  2. True we do need to take a stand with our actions and voices but more so our voices.

  3. Great poem! I read in here that wisdom was and always is available if we take the time to settle ourselves and thoughts. Otherwise, be prepared for some “mayhem.” Thank you!

  4. DH-

    You have real talent as a poet. Your images are so stark and refreshing. Ears being “blind,” rhyming “taken” with “mayhem.” Your poem really challenges pre-conceived notions. The way you write really expresses the way you think, and it’s different from most people.


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