By DH, a student at Phelps ACE High School

In the beginning, there was a word
Sometimes it reached their ears but was not always heard
But when ears are blind, action is taken
Then control is forgotten and then comes mayhem Read More

The Computer


I was given this computer when I was born
And I think it’s crashed
This computer contained
Everything about my past
I turned it off then tuned it on
And still getting a blank screen
There’s no internet on this computer
Just the things I’ve seen  Read More

My Love


The reason I laugh
The reason I cry
The reason I live
My will to survive

The reason I lie
The reason I trust
The reason I crave
This feeling of lust

For better or for worst
For sick or for Poor
A sensational feeling
I cannot ignore Read More

Run Away Clock


Just yesterday it seems I was a child experiencing fun
Rude awakening to the responsibilities of an adult that’s twenty-one
Being a kid is wonderful, yet I didn’t believe the hype
Now that I’m grown I dread reality, classified the immature type
Every second counts when indulged in a race
Time is of the essence, which prefers the faster pace
The day welcomes the moon, as the sun retires the night
Twenty-four hours quickly vanishes right before your sight
I need a stopwatch to put life on hold
From losing teeth to going gray the swift approach to getting old.
Cherish good moments, be sure to make them last
Months transform to years as memories come to past
Thoughts clouded by anger as I plot revenge with a rock
The task at hand is to destroy the life of the Run Away Clock

Judge Not What You See

By Officer B.
Juvenile Unit Correctional Officer, DC Jail

In the 5 years I’ve been here on this C4B juvenile unit I have met many kinds of young men. Many who claim to be HEARTLESS and RUTHLESS and by their crimes you would believe this also but then you get to know them, talk with them, learn about them and their families or lack thereof. Many have made mistakes in which they can’t come back from. Even though they may not say it I know they wish they could change their circumstances. Most are from the streets if not all and what their peers think of them means so much to them. But what someone should have told them that taking something from people, hurting people or taking a life does not make you a man. They were told that they were men too early in life. They have a lot of maturity to go to reach Manhood and the learning does not stop because of age.  You should always try to learn and grow as a person. What I am saying is that out of all the young men that I have met they all were looking for LOVE and UNDERSTANDING from someone. No (MOM) or (DAD) in some circumstances can change a person in so many ways that we cannot imagine how it could affect a person’s life. After all we’re only human, born to make mistakes.

Sometimes they are really hard to recover from.

C.O. B.