Free Your Mind


Free your time so I can Free your mind
They traded auction blocks for courtrooms
Free your time so I can Free your mind
So now the bullpen holding more brothers than it’s supposed to

Free your time so I can Free your mind
Looks to me like slavery is still well and alive
Free your time so I can Free your mind
The prison industrial complex is extracting millions from our communities

Free your time so I can Free your mind
The only way to fight this is with education and unity
Free your time so I can Free your mind

He who possesses the Philosopher’s stone possesses the Truth
Free your time so I can Free your mind
And you can look within and find that truth in you
Free Minds transcend time

Judge Not What You See

By Officer B.
Juvenile Unit Correctional Officer, DC Jail

In the 5 years I’ve been here on this C4B juvenile unit I have met many kinds of young men. Many who claim to be HEARTLESS and RUTHLESS and by their crimes you would believe this also but then you get to know them, talk with them, learn about them and their families or lack thereof. Many have made mistakes in which they can’t come back from. Even though they may not say it I know they wish they could change their circumstances. Most are from the streets if not all and what their peers think of them means so much to them. But what someone should have told them that taking something from people, hurting people or taking a life does not make you a man. They were told that they were men too early in life. They have a lot of maturity to go to reach Manhood and the learning does not stop because of age.  You should always try to learn and grow as a person. What I am saying is that out of all the young men that I have met they all were looking for LOVE and UNDERSTANDING from someone. No (MOM) or (DAD) in some circumstances can change a person in so many ways that we cannot imagine how it could affect a person’s life. After all we’re only human, born to make mistakes.

Sometimes they are really hard to recover from.

C.O. B.

Inner Self

By J.M.


Now I’m just sitting here wondering how so many people in today’s society live life day by day without a real understanding of their self, such as knowing who they are or what they’re worth! Now the reason I say this is because me, as a young Muslim man, I was once in society and I never knew who I really was really because I was always living up to others’ expectations, playing the role of my alter ego. But I’ve come to the conclusion that egos come from two things: (A) Fear and (B) Hope. The reason is because a person, no matter who it is, always fear something/someone or rejection (disapproval) and for hope you all know what hope means. It’s self-explanatory. So you know it’s best to know yourself before anything because without having a good understanding of yourself, it’ll be hard to understand somebody else! So look within yourself and find the qualities you hold.

Note: Every quality has two sides: good-n-bad! And learn what you‘re worth so you’ll know what the next person is worth and be able to communicate on the same level!