Trust is something that is given first time around
Break then it’s time to build up from the ground
Trust is two people standing back to back
Knowing that no matter what they’re protected
Trust is giving someone your heart on a plate
And believing they will not stab you with a knife
Trust is a treasure chest filled with diamonds
And you’re hoping that no one will take them

Trust is a relationship with another human
Believing that they won’t hurt you on purpose
Trust is a business owner and you have employees
That you’re believing won’t steal from you
Trust is believing that the government has your best interest at heart
Trust is believing that God will never leave or forsake you
Trust is believing that you will get treated with respect
And trust is believing that you can do what is right
In the sight of man and God

The Flight of Love


Why are you willing to love?

Because if you are willing to love you are willing to get hurt,

and if you are willing to get hurt you are willing to feel pain,

and if you are willing to feel pain you are willing to cry,

and if you is willing to cry…

Then you might react, and it may not be in a good way.

How can you tell someone you love them and cheat on them and smile right in their face?

Love is the reason why my friend caught his two cases.

Love is like an airplane.

It can take you many places, but when it land you may not be content with your destination.