Fertile Concrete


Lead and fire, erupted out of the stainless . . . steel weapon of humane destruction
Lead and fire has left a heart broken; a napkin soaked in; tears of grief
Which pours out of the crease of 2 eye sockets
Then rolls down the cheeks of a grieving soul
onto the surface of a sleeping man child
Who open his eyes, then show his grandma his dimples and gummy smile
Then he fills his lungs up with air, ball up his little hands, kick his legs
then allow the church to become acquainted with his presence

In a setting which is sad, the young lad, who never had
the luxury of knowing his dad – Grew up to be a college grad
Through correspondence – Through the walls of correctional institutions
Un-consciously volunteered in the destruction of his neighborhood
Because he only knew of no better options . . .
Grew up in a culture of crime
Where money is worshiped and tough guys drop dimes
The world tried to rob him out of his prime
But he primed his mind with knowledge
Now he obtain raw power
I believe that the concrete produced a rose
but all you probably see is a flower.

Words of Inspiration


Listen to my words of inspiration
For we are living in a world of discrimination
Inside these times of temptation
While on a path to separation

We judge each other according to looks, finances, and beliefs
Looking down upon one another
Forgetting that we are all unique Read More

In This Game


Just a youngin’ in this game
Livin’ life was a struggle
In this skool every day
Getting knowledge was my hustle
Was trying to be a geek
Wasn’t trying to be a dummy,
I was trying to get dis money
And moms always said
You gotta strive to be successful
So I did what I did
‘Cuz I was tired of living stressful
I was tired of being broke
And I was tired being hungry
And living in this world,
The only way was getting money

My Life


Did you ever do push ups

And it seem like you don’t get bigger?

Have you ever spoke

And it feel like no one is listening?

You ever want to learn

And there is no teacher?

Well, I have

It’s not fun

So I turned to the street

And thought I found love

All I found was a game

That can’t be changed

There was no love

And u must play for keeps

In my eyes

There was more dying than living

More crying than smiling

More sad than happy

Wrong Time


When I was home

I had da wrong mind

Sometimes I was at the wrong place

At da wrong time

I use to play da game

And have da wrong plan

I feel as though I’m da wrong type of man

My good words are blind

I think I did things at da wrong time