For You


G, you’re the greatest thing that’s happened to me
And I will do my best to never let you down
My plan is to give you the world
I always want you smiling
I can’t be there now
But best believe I want to
So when I am there…
I guarantee there’s nothing we won’t do

You may be only a baby now; I don’t care
I want to bathe you, play with you, feed you, dress you
And all day hold you in my arms
As long as I live, it doesn’t matter how old you get…
You are my baby boy, my first son
And because of that I will protect you from all harms

You want me at your basketball game, your school play?
I’ll be there…I won’t miss a score or a line, and I promise you that
Even if you’re only on the bench the whole game
Even if you only got one line
Imma still be proud of you
And I’ll be in the stands
With a “my son is the best” hat

You having trouble with your homework? I’ll be there to help
And I’ll have your mom there to help me
I’m going to push you to strive for excellence
With your mother’s brilliance and my potential
There’s nothing you can’t do
So son, everything I said, I meant it
Every word I said is true
I love you son, so son I’m here any time
And there is nothing I won’t do…
For You

4 My Son

 By DJ

 Bundle of joy
A beautiful baby boy
I want you to know the sky is the limit
We got Obama and I got you
I know I mess up sometimes
You will learn that’s what humans do
Just know daddy loves you

When you hurt I hurt
When you need I need
Right now you don’t understand
But I hope when you do I will be there
And all of your childhood memories are fond of me

Not like mine
I never knew my dad
And he ain’t know me
This is something I don’t want to repeat

I fought so hard to get a street name
A little bit of street fame
But you have my last name
My blood
Just know Daddy loves you

Lead By Example


I was always told to lead, never follow
That way you can avoid falling in any hollow
‘Cause once you fall in that hole, it might not be so easy to get out
The hole probably be so deep, nobody going to even hear you scream or shout
I’m in a hole right now, but I’m not screaming or shouting
Neither am I showing any sign of displeasure, by frowning or pouting
I’m figuring away out, and nothing can get in my way to stop me
‘Cause I can see the light, the light is to get to my son, so nothing can stop that to be
He’s the one who gives me strength to climb out this hollow
And the reason why I must have a plan when I get out
So I won’t go in the wrong direction, get on the right track
And have him run the correct route
‘Cause it’s up to me to make him a man, so I got to be in his life
And not just give him a little piece or sample
I gotta be the grown man he needs me to be
Not by telling him, but showing him so I’m going to
Lead By Example!!!

I’m A Father

by C.R.

When I was out there, I didn’t know

I was a father til a few months ago

My mother told me

But I still can’t believe it

Because now my little boy got his father in a jail cell

And I don’t want my son to live in my footsteps

Or even get a taste of my crazy life

That involves drugs, gangs, etc.

If I would’ve known that I got a son

I would’ve been home right now

Trying to be someone and support him

And teach him what’s right and not wrong

Not like how my father taught me

Now that I’m away from my little boy

That’s about to be one in four days

Got me feeling like s***

Because I missed his birthday while I’m incarcerated

I know when I get out

I’ma try to help my son and his mother out

‘Til I get his custody

I’ma help him out