Puddles of Water


The sun blocks my thoughts

But when it rains they roam free

I’m a victim of circumstance

Around people that don’t know me

Maybe if they went through what I did

Things would be different

Mom’s working three jobs

Youngest sis raising children

I thought people was trippin

When they said things’ll get better

Cause they was wearing winter coats

And I was wearing a sweater

Refusing things mom wanted to give

All I wanted was love

Trying hard to be a man

But got misunderstood for a thug

Maybe I would change a few things

If I could go back

Moms would be smiling instead of crying

Yeah I’d like that

Looking for a Smile


Looking for something just to put a smile on my face.

A smirk, a grin, a giggle if not a minute for just a second of all day.

Look through my outside view there’s nothing that makes me feel that way.

Look through my cell door, that just killed my day.

Although it’s sunny outside and it’s people in here

I have saw nothing to make a smile on my face appear.

I close my eyes, go to sleep, and hope all my troubles just disappear.

I wake up, “Rec. time” I called my mother…lol

that’s how I found my smile to appear!