Future and Past


See you soon, old friend
When we grow to become men
We are family, my brother
That’ll never change
Goodbye, old me
We are better now
We shall grow
We are stars
No one can change that

Forgotten Wings


Forgotten wings
Disused & abandoned
Tricked self into believing that you (we) couldn’t fly
World weary… head heavy
Barely sleeping
Fitfully resting my eyes

Does this pass for dreaming
I can feel the wind on my face
Eyes – wide open
I can see these wings carrying me to the other side…

At second glance, I realize that I am dreaming
It wasn’t me soaring
Dis-used & abandoned
Seeking the courage to spread my wings
And fly on forgotten wings

Dear You


Don’t leave me like this!
Let’s talk about it.
What did I do wrong?
Can it be fixed?
I do whatever I have to do to correct it!
Just don’t go!
Please don’t leave me behind.
I can’t go on without you.
I am nothing without you.
Please don’t cut me off!
I can be better!
What do you need me to do to prove it to you?
I’ll do anything to be with you.
Anything you name it.
I love you like nobody loves you.
We are made for each other.
Without you I’m lost
Let’s work it out, okay?

Yours truly,

Inner Self

By J.M.


Now I’m just sitting here wondering how so many people in today’s society live life day by day without a real understanding of their self, such as knowing who they are or what they’re worth! Now the reason I say this is because me, as a young Muslim man, I was once in society and I never knew who I really was really because I was always living up to others’ expectations, playing the role of my alter ego. But I’ve come to the conclusion that egos come from two things: (A) Fear and (B) Hope. The reason is because a person, no matter who it is, always fear something/someone or rejection (disapproval) and for hope you all know what hope means. It’s self-explanatory. So you know it’s best to know yourself before anything because without having a good understanding of yourself, it’ll be hard to understand somebody else! So look within yourself and find the qualities you hold.

Note: Every quality has two sides: good-n-bad! And learn what you‘re worth so you’ll know what the next person is worth and be able to communicate on the same level!