Run Away Clock


Just yesterday it seems I was a child experiencing fun
Rude awakening to the responsibilities of an adult that’s twenty-one
Being a kid is wonderful, yet I didn’t believe the hype
Now that I’m grown I dread reality, classified the immature type
Every second counts when indulged in a race
Time is of the essence, which prefers the faster pace
The day welcomes the moon, as the sun retires the night
Twenty-four hours quickly vanishes right before your sight
I need a stopwatch to put life on hold
From losing teeth to going gray the swift approach to getting old.
Cherish good moments, be sure to make them last
Months transform to years as memories come to past
Thoughts clouded by anger as I plot revenge with a rock
The task at hand is to destroy the life of the Run Away Clock

Play Time is Over


If you knew me, you knew everything to me was a game
Took nothing serious, being responsible was considered lame
I would call myself a man, but nowhere near grown up
Complete juvenile, and no idea what was really up
Up the sleeve of reality, I didn’t even see the real world coming
The real world hit me hard, and the punch was really something
If it wasn’t for the punch to wake me up
I’d still be walking around acting like a toddler
The punch was my girl is pregnant, and I’m going to be a father
Everything that was a joke became real serious and fast
I want to be in my child’s future, so I got to leave the old me in the past
Cause being a good father has nothing to do with luck
Not even if you got a four leaf clover
Clowning around has been cut short, the game clock has struck 0:00
So, Play Time Is Over!!!