Crushed by the System


We fought the fight for freedom.
Stood strong to support equal rights
Generously given for the next generations
All lost when we let go the light.

Further our fathers have faded
So sons now stand in quicksand
Growing in the gutter of gall
Losing their lives to the land.

Wise women our daughters and wives
Sewn with the spirit of strength
Gilded with goodness and greatness
Lending love in unmeasurable length.

Fore ordain, foreseen, foreshadowed
Soaring songs to the stars that listen
Guardians of the gangling ganders
You will not be crushed by the system.

Here Again


I think I’ve been here before
Belly chains and ankle shackles
Stacked on top of each other
I just ate where I defecate
Is this 2016?
Or a New World southern state?
I think I’ve been here before
Hundreds of miles from my birthplace
Ain’t seen a loved one in 10 years
Long days and a lot of tears
Death as a slave is my worst fear
I think I’ve been here before
Voices of abolitionist
Stories of freedom to the North
Stories of freedom through the courts!
Injustices rectified
Involuntary servitude nullifies
I think I’ve been here before
Arms linked in a show of unity
White and black alike
For justice, we march
For freedom, we fight
I think I’ve been here before
And we weathered the storm
I know I’ve been here before
And through strife is where
victory will come