Change in the Air

 By IS

 I can feel a change in the air
 A change that isn’t fair
 Taking something that I love so much
 My pride and my honor that can never be touched 
 Change could be a good thing
 Or change could be tough
 It can leave you wondering
 Wondering if it’s enough
 Are you changing for yourself
 Or changing for someone else?
 Never will I change to impress
 But sometimes change happens for the best
 Changing your mindset in order to progress

My Life

By BP 

 My life
 Living it bad and doing it wrong
 I need a change just like that poor man on the street
 In and out this life
 It’s like a wish
 I wish and I wish for a change
 Losing my friends and family
 For that change I wish and I wish
 I can change
 Seeing my mother cry
 And losing me and my life
 And mama losing me
 That change
 That change
 Got that change

Change (Till I Can Show My Momma)


They say change is easy but I disagree
Judge acts like I’m the first
Though it’s been millions of brothas before me
I believe change is harder for some
Cuz not all these dudes come from the slums
Noodles change to lobster
KoolAid turn to wine
Yeah it sounds fine
Worries the size of dimes
I swear I wish I could
But I realize the truth
I’ma keep trying
Till I can show my momma
That I changed

Lost in the Dark


I stare
In my four-corner room
Hoping for a better life
But I only get doom
Lost in the dark
Looking for light soon
Every corner that you turn
Guns pop like balloons
How to get out?
I can’t, I’m trapped
Make the wrong move
And it’s a wrap!
Trying to go forward
But I keep looking back
Lost in the light
And I’m blind as a bat