To You From Me (Your Dad)


As I proceed to succeed
Relieved from all this grief
What’s needed is for freedom to ring
Continue as you are
My shining star
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For You


G, you’re the greatest thing that’s happened to me
And I will do my best to never let you down
My plan is to give you the world
I always want you smiling
I can’t be there now
But best believe I want to
So when I am there…
I guarantee there’s nothing we won’t do

You may be only a baby now; I don’t care
I want to bathe you, play with you, feed you, dress you
And all day hold you in my arms
As long as I live, it doesn’t matter how old you get…
You are my baby boy, my first son
And because of that I will protect you from all harms

You want me at your basketball game, your school play?
I’ll be there…I won’t miss a score or a line, and I promise you that
Even if you’re only on the bench the whole game
Even if you only got one line
Imma still be proud of you
And I’ll be in the stands
With a “my son is the best” hat

You having trouble with your homework? I’ll be there to help
And I’ll have your mom there to help me
I’m going to push you to strive for excellence
With your mother’s brilliance and my potential
There’s nothing you can’t do
So son, everything I said, I meant it
Every word I said is true
I love you son, so son I’m here any time
And there is nothing I won’t do…
For You

If You Wanta Know

By Alisha, Free Minds Poet Ambassador

 I won’t write just to write
Even though they ask me to fill this space with words
They wanta know why I sing and set birds free.
They want to see my faded past
From a story line of poetic theories
Of rocky poetry…
They want me to fill this space
So I tell them
If you want to know of my life
Go into the darkest place of your soul
And let a little light shine through… then reach
And if you wanta know where I’ve been
Just read a book on evolution,
And if you wanta know where I’m going
Just kiss the plams of my hands
Because I’m evolving outa darkness
And grabbing on to life
Just so I can fill your space
With wise words

This poem was written on the recent Free Minds retreat to Sandy Spring Friends School, after walking in silence through a former stretch of the Underground Railroad. 


I Come From

 By Gary
 Free Minds Poet Ambassador

 I come from a struggle
Welfare mother on drugs
And a dog eat dog world
Where they say only the strong survive
And you watch the murder of friends
Through your innocent eyes
I come from where the devil is strong
And God is weak
And the only time you pray
Is for something to eat
I come from a society of its own
But where I’m going is a different spiritual zone
Where I can sit and write at Sandy Spring lake
And not have to worry who is creeping behind the gate
I’m going to where God is pushed first
And the devil is so shallow
And temptation is so hollow
And my new friends so positive I’m not afraid to follow
Where I’m going is someplace positive
You might want to go

This poem was written on the recent Free Minds retreat to Sandy Spring Friends School, after walking in silence through a former stretch of the Underground Railroad. 


Forever Walking


Grab my hand and let’s take a walk
I’ll keep you warm; I’ll be your scarf
Our friendship will mold into a work of art
As long as our hands don’t break apart
Love and loyalty is all I want
One day without you feels like a month

Lost without a cure, you finally found me
You traveled far when the path was cloudy
You reached out your hand and entwined it with mine
As we dance on a cloud, lost in time
Your hiding place is in my heart
The door is open, no key no lock

A flower garden is where we’ll sit
As I compare the flowers to your luscious lips
A kiss by the river will have us suspended in air
While your love has me trapped, I’m forever ensnared
When the sky breaks open and God starts calling
We’ll still be holding hands… forever… walking