My Mother


If only words could show
The depth of my heart
Or the love I have for her
My mother
A strong black mother
Who through adversity stayed strong
Single yet still held on
Embrace me within your arms
Your gentle voice saying
“We’ll make it through the storm”
My joy comes from you
My strength
My will
And my love too
Without you there is no me
You mean the world
So for you I wear my heart on my sleeve


By E.C.

Time is truly not my friend.

Daily it seems to taunt me,

Telling me it will never end.


Time is holding a grudge against me

keeping me away from you.

Multiplying my dark days

which sometimes makes me blue.


This battle that time is now waging against me,

It is really doing all it can

to prevent me from being free.

Sometimes I lay here wondering

if time is just trying to keep you for itself.

Because it knows deep in my heart that I need no woman else.


Now it seems like time and I,

is in a competition.

To see who at the end wins your love and devotion.

But not even father time is gonna keep me away from you.

Some day it will relent and set me free

for us to start anew.


For me to gaze daily in your beautiful face,

as I try to make up the best I can all the time that I waste.

When the days of my imaginings truly come to an end,

as I wrap you in my arms

my lovely beautiful friend.