Mi Vida Loca

By CR 

I remember me saying:

Vivo una vida loca (living a crazy life)

I also remember saying:

Por mi madre vivo, por mi barrio muero (live for my mother, die for my hood)

But guess what now?

I’m tired of living that life style

Since I was 12

Now that I’m close to turning 17

While I’m locked up

Made me realize that I didn’t have a childhood

All I had was money, females, drugs

And witnessing wild things happen around my way

People say and still do say to this moment

When I come home: “I’m Dead”

But I fear no man

But the person who can judge me after I die

So like what my associates told me:

“You’re honorably discharged from your duties”


By AP 

Haters say I’m not goin make it

But I say stop hatin’

They don’t believe

But I believe I would achieve

To get what I need

They think I will die

But I will live and succeed

And hold my pride