How to Bring About Peace in 10 Steps


After “How to Make a Cardboard Box Disappear in 10 Steps” by Clint Smith

1. Add in 1 lb of Dignity
2. Pour in 2 tbsp of Integrity
3. Simmer over 5 cups of Sympathy
4. Stir in 1 clove of Compassion
5. Next add 1 heaping of Independence
6. Mix 4 ½ cups of fresh Perseverance
7. Chop up 3 bushels of Love
8. With a dash of Imagination
9. Grind 2 tsp of Nobility
10. Sprinkled lightly over 7 lbs of Empathy



When this old world wears me down
And the darkness comes in layers
I seek a quiet place within myself
And whisper the Lord’s prayer…

I ask for strength to face each day
More fortitude (to endure)
For humility (that I may sacrifice)
And the Holy Spirit’s cure

My foolish pride and arrogance
May sometimes scream naysayer
But when this old world wears me down
I whisper my Lord a prayer…

For protection, guidance, patience and faith
A heart that has no stones
That crooked be suddenly straight
And for heaven to be my home…

When life gets hectic and beats me down
There’s a remedy that I prefer
I don’t rant or rave or wear sad frowns
I bear my soul in whispers

I Come From

 By Gary
 Free Minds Poet Ambassador

 I come from a struggle
Welfare mother on drugs
And a dog eat dog world
Where they say only the strong survive
And you watch the murder of friends
Through your innocent eyes
I come from where the devil is strong
And God is weak
And the only time you pray
Is for something to eat
I come from a society of its own
But where I’m going is a different spiritual zone
Where I can sit and write at Sandy Spring lake
And not have to worry who is creeping behind the gate
I’m going to where God is pushed first
And the devil is so shallow
And temptation is so hollow
And my new friends so positive I’m not afraid to follow
Where I’m going is someplace positive
You might want to go

This poem was written on the recent Free Minds retreat to Sandy Spring Friends School, after walking in silence through a former stretch of the Underground Railroad. 




 Going through struggles is a part of life,
So no matter what your endeavors are to conquer or overcome
Such resistance is up to you

Giving up should never be an option for yourself
Going through the struggle builds character
And then everyone will see how much you grew
You don’t do it for them
You do it for yourself

The achievement alone shows your strength
And that is the greatest victory
And once you reach that completion
Your success shall go further than you can imagine
What a life-changing journey
And one amazing story

Your adversaries shall be your motivation
To more victorious gaining in your new life
So love thy enemy
And forgive them for being antagonists
That’s how you conquest over your foes with kindness
And agree that’s a fine accomplishment
To handle conflict with your heart and not your fist

So once you reach the top of that mountain of peace of mind
Don’t lose it and so be alertly watchful to avoid trouble
Be a vigilante
‘Cause you made it to the end
You went through hell and back
And now look at you…you came out

I Gotta Make It


I’m chasing satisfaction on a broken leg
Steady treading water on a steady shore
With a covert attitude, but an aura that depicts pure
I walk a lonely road, but yet I’m steady fighting demons
But if I keep my eyes shut, it will defeat the point of seeing
So I conquer all that tends to conquer human beings
The brain is real intricate…tends to make you muse
Thoughts come tangled up…some hard to un-loose
I’m a warrior, not a soldier
I don’t get ready, I stay ready

Pursuit of happiness?  Anyone know the path?
How can you value or cherish something you never had?
How can you understand a language that leads to many places?
Or recognize a code that resembles so many faces?
Life is like a maze, victory is timed
So I keep my head up as if I’m waiting on a sign
Only ten toes on the ground
Because it’s the same fight – different round!
They tell me not to steal…
But every opportunity—I must take it!
And life is dealt raw…
But as for mine, I gotta make it!