Being on Lock


A start from home
I started alone
Very far place like America to Rome
Everything posing
Watching all four walls close in
Behind a door that never opens
Time never stops
23 hours of being on lock
Could have been worse—could’ve ended up in a box
But this is the story of being on lock.


Incarcerated individuals placed on “lockdown” are kept alone in their cell for 23 hours per day and given one hour for exercise and recreation.  Since writing this poem, DJ has returned to the DC Jail’s general population.

Make it Happen


Every time I look in the mirror I ask myself
Do I like who I am?
Sometimes I hate myself
And want to be a better man

Overall I love me
And only want to change a little
I on the road to success
And I’m stuck in the rubble
I see myself on BET, MTV
Being as great as I can be
It starts with a thought
Then a plan
Then action
But it depend on who you are
So make it happen