Life Is Peace ‘n Lovable

By A.T.

Life is peace ‘n lovable

But I’m still in jail going through the struggle

Life peace ‘n lovable

But I’m still getting in trouble

I might be looking at time that’s double

Sometimes life is peace but it’s not always lovable

Drag My Name Through the Mud

By D.H.

I live in a life where I always make bad decisions

Breaking myself up into different sets or divisions

I try & put together a puzzle with pieces missing

Losing more & more pieces

Because of inaccurate precision

I think this might be what’s embedded in my destiny

& I know I can’t let this get the best of me

I think I can I Think I can said the engine that could

But I still can’t figure out why I should

Feelin’ peace in my heart

But pumping hate through my blood

Tired of people that keep dragging my name through the mud