By SR

 Change to me means Choosing Hands And Not Guns Every time

 My past involves quick tempers
 Over problems that were simple
 Running to a gun to end someone’s life
 Instead of duking it out and hearing you won in our fight
 Our human bodies have been formed
 To easily recover from bumps n bruises
 But a close life lost you don’t hear who won and who loses
 You hear who’s gone and who’s choosing
 If they sloppy, the top bunk or the bottom
 Seldom they got away
 But if so you’re a walking body
 No dome, no tone, just bones
 Who wants a lifeless life?
 I don’t
 I want change
 You’ll see a new man!

A Treasure


I have spent the last 4 years searching for meaning in my short life

Trying to understand why life has been hard for me

Trying to understand why I have endured so much pain and suffering

Removed from the people I love with whom I can never be

Asking myself if some day my luck will change I’ll find happiness

And in this search I realized that luck does not exist

That each person’s story has already been written before they are born

That although my short and sad life is not what I want right now it will soon start to grow

That although in the eyes of others I am the worst that could have been

I continue to be special

That there are people who love me and want the best for me;

People in whom live true love, suffering love

He who does not only search for his own but also that of others

Love that doesn’t irritate

Love that doesn’t hold a grudge

Love that bears all things, believes in everyone

Love that waits, love that supports

Forgiving love

The one and true God’s love

In my short and difficult life I have found that

And the greatest thing is that I still have a lot to live

A lot to find and a lot to learn

Dedicated to my mother.

Color Blind


Not holding a grudge because of your ancestry

No mad because I may have to work extra hard to not get a felony.

Don’t allow the derogatory words to have an impact on my view,

the way I see things and the functions I get into.

I greet you in peace,

Even if you dislike me.

That’s strength in its own

Also my reality

that’s painted in the poem!

Immured *


Isolated behind the walls of a unorthodox jungle

Living with a vengeance because so many people turn their back on you

Never giving up because that’s what it’s designed to make you do

A convict’s mentality is the only way to make it through

Tryna stay peaceful, but these suckaz make that

hard to do

So, I just keep a Free Mind because that’s what Tara and Kelli motivate me to do

*Immured: (verb) to enclose within walls; confine.



Wehave been running for so long

that we all need to life our head

and take a moment to breathe

because we haven’t been giving ourselves the chance to breathe

what GOD intended for us to believe in

isn’t it the truth that what makes us strive to be something

but instead we have been captivated by all kinds of discrimination

which make us remain to castigated

so let’s stop fooling ourself and feeding our children with all kinds of fabrication

can’t you people realize that it is the authentication

that we are supposed to be chasing

Our forefathers and mothers shed their blood just to indicate

That it gonna take true education in order for us to amalgamate

To be one nation we must first put an end to all of this complication

Because it’s causing nothing but a whole lot of suffocation

But excuse me I’m just a man of my own

Seeking to uplift the world

But the earth seems to be getting heavier as more war corrupts

But I’m getting stronger as I master myself

Guns and drugs it was just bad for my health

So As-salaamu Alaikum to all the haters

That just be constantly waiting for us to fall into some type of dissipation

Us so-called black people just be constantly killing eachother with cogitation

But nod that ain’t part of my participation

I came into this world as a I built my mind with peace

My soul- is boiling like a volcano

It’s about to explode some heat

I’m talking about the whole 360

Our own true history

Some of us are just so ignorant

That we lack the true knowledge of our own true history

Allah is very angry that we are about to witness- another major catastrophe

His pear precious creation is unable to see

The true color that he created for us all to be

It is so hard to believe

That we killing eachother for something- that isn’t gonna make us all feel relief

So I leave as I came with peace

Especially to all my brother and sisters that I desire to meet.